DSRI is honoured to have received various forms of recognition for our work, from awards, to positive press, to kind words expressed along the way. Many people have expressed their appreciation and support for what we are trying to accomplish. Below are a few examples of what people have had to say about us. It is very reassuring, that our efforts are appreciated and acknowledged in this way.

"Melissa will be back at DSRI this summer, and for the foreseeable future because I believe that there are no educational opportunities for children with Down syndrome that could possibly compare to the services provided by DSRI." - Beverly Bialik

"Sara looked forward to seeing her friends each day and your ongoing support has been a gift to us personally but also to the whole DS community." - The Hiemstras

"In July 2007, Jamie entered the preschool program at the Down Syndrome Research Institute (DSRI) in London, Ontario. This program was everything we had hoped it would be." - Sandy Bogart

"I know that Sabrina will always remember this summer because she enjoyed going to school every day. ... Now when Sabrina opens her scrapbook filled with pictures and work samples, her summer will always come back to her."
- Darlene Iavazzi