The programs and services we offer simply would not be available without the kind offerings through donations as well as the hard work our volunteers put in to co-ordinate our various fundraising events and campaigns throughout the year. DSRI at this time does not receive any Governmental support, either provincially or federally, of any kind. Below are various ways to contribute and/or support our fundraising efforts. If you would like to contact a member of our Fundraising Committee, simply send an e-mail to you for your support!


We are very thankful for the many donations we have had in the past. We are gladly able to accept donations in any form you wish to make them. The easiest way to donate is by going through Canada Helps. Donations can be made either as a one time or monthly amount. Also if you have been given a donation gift card, you can direct that gift to DSRI. Simply visit to access this service. If this is not convenient or you would rather contribute directly, please contact us at any time.

Together We Dance

The DSRI “Together We Dance” is a yearly dance-a-thon event in celebration of International Down Syndrome Day. It helps to raise funds for our programs by gathering pledges and participating in the dance. Or just come out and have fun in celebration of diversity!

Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament is a fantastic way to come out and enjoy a round of golf. Players of all ages and abilities are of course welcome. It is in a fun format and you can register as a foursome or we would be happy to place you within one.

Pool Tournament

Our annual pool tournament is another one of the ways we get together to have a day of fun and raise funds for our programs. An admission fee gets you unlimited play and a fun tournament is also co-ordinated if you want to get a bit more competitive. Adults and children welcome. Food and prizes also abound throughout the event.

Toonies for Down Syndrome

This is an annual fundraising campaign which is co-ordinated with both of our school boards. London District Catholic School Board and Thames Valley District School Board. It is typically run in co-ordination with International Down Syndrome Day but we have had schools which have chosen to participate in various other ways as well. There are 2 formats for this campaign, one for elementary and one for secondary. We aim to thank all schools who have participated in the past and continue to do so. We look forward to an ever increasing amount of schools participating over the years to come. If you have a child in the school system, please feel free to print the Letter to Principals and present to your Principal with a kind nudge to participate.

Corporate Citizenship

Companies of all shapes and sizes have also chosen to make us their charity of choice. Aside from specifically sponsoring DSRI through our sponsorship program, many have run their own events which contribute to our efforts as well. Dress down days, company lunches or picnics, baseball games etc... If you work for a company, or know of one that has these types of events, we would be happy to discuss these opportunities at any time. Simply contact our fundraising committee at

Bequeaths, Gifts in Kind, Scolarships

There are several other ways our kind donors have chosen to contribute. As these types of gifts require planning and can have legal and tax implications, we treat them on an individual basis so as to conform with specific wishes. To discuss the various ways to give to DSRI in this way, please contact


Thank You!