Summer School Camps

DSRI has Summer School Camps in London, Ontario, as well as other geographies, through our affiliates. They are run in London in the month of July, every year. Our affiliates run the programs as appropriate within their own areas. Details below are for the London programs.

We strive to be able to provide these programs at little or no cost for the families of individuals with Down syndrome through Donations and Sponsorships. Unfortunately, at this time, tuition fees are still necessary.

For 2015, tuition fees are as follows:

  • Preschool Program: $500.00
  • Elementary Program: $950.00
  • Secondary Program: $950.00

(Bursaries are available on an as need basis)

To express your interest to register your child with Down syndrome into these programs, please contact

If you have already expressed your interest, you will be advised directly of an intake session date, time and place. You will be asked to fill out the intake forms.

At the intake session, in the interests of your childís ongoing success in our programs, the following documents (if available) will be requested:

  • Recent Individual Education Plan (IEP) for your child.
  • Your child's most recent Report Card.
  • Any Language Arts or Math work your child is most proud of.
  • Completed Registration Forms.
  • Tuition Fee Payment. Cheque or other.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at

About DSRI Summer School Camps

Every panel of the Summer School Camps focuses on enhancing studentís capabilities in several areas:

  • Oral Communication
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Social Skills
  • Games
  • Art

Each of the 4 weeks includes a Field Trip (usually on Fridays) which includes aspects of all of the above critical fundamentals.

Our children learn differently than others and need the appropriate supports and accommodations. Our Summer School Camps offer comprehensive elements that improves their success in all aspects of life:

  • Family
  • Society
  • School
  • Work

DSRI Summer School Camps: History

At itís inception in 2005, DSRI ran a Summer School Camp which had 8 secondary students in attendance. Based on the success of our educational models, in 2006 we created two separate programs, one elementary and one secondary, with 14 students attending each program. The year 2007 brought about the introduction of a pre-school program as well, which bolstered the total enrolment from all three Summer School Programs to 38 well deserving students. The success continues with every year enrolment numbers coming close to maximizing the space we currently have available to us.

Since 2005, due to overwhelming demand, DSRI's summer camp programs have grown exponentially. There are currently three panels: Preschool, Elementary and Secondary. All panels encompass both collaborative models (Communication and Interdisciplinary Staff), as these models have proven to be very successful for our students.